Community Health Focus and its digital health product, PainTools, will provide much needed advice, guidance and care to women seeking ways to modify their life and improve the quality of that life to reduce their pain.

Debbie Ley, MI

Through CHFI, Lynne seeks to unite and involve leading players in healthcare, in an effort to help remedy the public health problem of chronic pain. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, business savvy, along with a host of connections, to ensure the successful development of CHFl’s PainTools, digital health platform.

David Hallegua, MD, CA

Pain Tools is a really important breakthrough at the confluence of three major themes in modern medical practice. One is evidence-based medicine, and the many important advances at the cutting edge of modern medical research. Second is integrative care which combines traditional biomedical knowledge with evidence-based complimentary approaches. Third is precision care which personalizes the approach to the specific needs and desires of the individual with pain.

David Katz, MD, CT

Lynne Matallana is a visionary and a force to be reckoned with. Lynne has stepped up numerous times and succeed when told by everyone that something was impossible! Her experience, expertise and tenacity will be invaluable as she develops this much needed company, serving the needs of millions of people in the pain community who are currently underserved.

Amy Chappel, MD, FL